Chanting Your Name

Although one might not think of it as such, your name is a word of power. Think of the countless times in your life that other people have uttered the sounds that comprise your name. Hear then now - loved ones, the newly-met, seeking your attention, reading your name in a roll call, calling out your name from another room, shouting your name in anger, tenderly whispering your name in a moment of love.

Out name is intimately linked to our sense of self. Say your name out loud several times. What do you experience as you make the sounds by which you are known? The sound of our name reaches deeply into our psyche, triggering a lifetime of associations.

Here's an chant exercise using only your name as lyrics:

Experiment. Chant your name aloud, using only one note - or make up your own melodies. Chant one note per syllable, for example: "Ro-bert ... Ro-bert ... Ro-bert." Or let loose a string of notes for each syllable, as in "Ro-aw-aw-aw-aw ber-er-er-er-t." Chant random notes or repeat the same phrase over and over.

Vocalize with great power, as if you were sending your unique sound to the far reaches of the universe. To avoid straining your voice, support the tone from your diaphragm and keep your throat relaxed. Now chant as softly as you can, whispering your name into the stillness. Make it fun - be playful, humorous. Then imagine that each toning of your name is like a bell, calling your deeper self awake, calling your soul into full embodiment.

Give yourself fully to chanting the sounds that make up your name. Continue for at least five minutes.

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  1. Hi man,

    Great little Blog.

    You were the only person who came up when I googled `Chanting Ones Name `.

    I have just come out of a one hour chant which started off as `Hare Krishna`, as I always do, & ended up with my name being chanted over & over. Until now, heavens, I feel empowered, like never before.

    Here`s a link to my Blog, it`s along the same lines as your`s - http://praesagio.blogspot.co.uk/

    `Big Waters`, a guide wanted me to see your Blog.


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