Chapungu? What does it mean?

The word, pronounced “Cha-POONG-goo,” is a metaphor for the Bateleur eagle, a powerful bird of prey that can fly up to 300 miles a day at 30 to 50 miles per hour. The bird’s characteristic markings are black feathers with white underneath its long wings, a bright red face and legs, a short tail and black beak.

It measures 24 inches long, with a five-and-a-half to six-foot wingspan, and weighs four to six and a half pounds. It is commonly found south of the Sahara Desert in the savannahs, open forests and semi-deserts of central and southern Africa.


The Shona people believe the Chapungu bird is a good omen, bringing protection and good fortune. Pretty cool, isn't he? See more pictures of this cool bird.

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