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I haven't posted here in a while, and then suddenly I find that the blog is being redirected to hotlink files! How annoying is that? It's going to take a while to get my template back in order... I've set the comments so that they must be moderated just in case the malware script was embedded in a spam comment... and hopefully I hope to eventually get this little site back on track. In the mean time... Blessings to all.

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  1. During a "Trance dance" I had the experience of being eaten by a snake and so have looked into what the meaning of this might be. My search led me to the 'threshold' of your blog. Thank you.


Due to the over abundance of comment spam - and also the fact that this blog was temporarily redirected with some kind of wierd java scripting - all comments are moderated and it may take me a while to go through them. Sorry about that.