Morning Meditation - Prayer Sticks Again

Amber Canyon

I turned to the guy putting prayer sticks by a pool of water. I've visited with him before (here's the link).

When he got done placing the stick, he stood up, dusted his hands off, and looked at me. "There, that's done," he said.

And I wondered what this whole prayer stick thing has to do with me. I mean, it's all fine and good that he does (or did) this, but in this now moment, what's the lesson for me? What's the message, the truth for me to take out into my day?

So I asked him.

And he said, "Well, maybe it would be good if you did this too."

I said, "OK, so where do I put them?" I thought about my cottonwood tree, and the other larger one that seems to hold energy as well - between the two of them, I think there's a balance of masculine and feminine. So, OK, both trees and then there's Our Lady of the Pond... and how about the place where the King of the Field Faeries came to watch me dance to release blocked energy....

Then, I didn't want anyone to feel "left out" so I started thinking of all the other trees and places on my property... I said to him, "So, just how many prayer sticks do you think I should make?"

He said, "Well, one for each of the Spirits of the place."

I said, "You mean every tree? Every nook and cranny that is sacred and special to me?"

He laughed and said. "Don't put them everywhere, that would be crazy making!"

So, I'm settled on making four - which seems a balanced number.

~what's this?

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