Morning Meditation - Getting Ready for Winter

This morning found me on a beach with two girls and a partially butchered whale. My first thought was that this was a confirmation that I have tapped into something big, really big.

The girls were shy, and wanting to get busy with the whale. It occurred to me that there was a time element here. What wasn't used, stored, or preserved fairly quickly would soon be rotten and fit only for gulls and crabs.

I wondered if that meant that rather than try to act immediately on all my newest "food for thought" and that I should organize and archive so that I can digest it slowly.

I asked the girls, "Are you going to eat the whole thing today?" They giggled, thinking how silly that was, and said, "Oh no, this will carry us through the winter."

Winter - the dry season - it always comes. To expect that it won't, that I'll be in the land of "plenty" and "spiritual bounty" all the time is unrealistic. Isn't it?

So, I'm storing up for the winter to come. Laying in my supplies, getting prepared for the "dry" time that will come.

Amber Canyon

~what's this?

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