Morning Meditation - A Clear Day

Amber Canyon

Found myself at the edge of a small lake on a clear calm day. The sky, the trees, the rocks, all reflecting perfectly. The water was mirror smooth.

I thought, "The below reflects the above" and I turned to the young woman standing there, she had a balanced on her head.

She said nothing.

I thought about, "as above so below" and how the "inner reflects the outer" and how my home reflects my chaos and lack of self care.

But I already knew all of this. So I said to her, "This is nothing new. Why am I here? Is there more that I don't "see?"

And she said something about how the water is only clear when nothing is happening. That mirror smooth surface would disintegrate immediately if we were to wade into the water - or if geese would land.

And I had a momentary vision of the ripples on the water reflecting hundreds of different views of the sky. I thought of pounding surf, roaring floods, elephants, crocodiles, and turbulent water full of life...

I couldn't make sense of it.. not a clue as to what that meant. I struggled for a moment to frame it into some sort of enlightening though, a "wisdom moment"...

The girl smiled, then she splashed water at me. "Silly," she said. "Don't think so hard, it's not that complicated. Today is a clear calm day. A beautiful day. That's all. Enjoy it."

~what's this?

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