Morning Meditation - Waiting for the Snake Racers Again

I got that little boy waiting for the return of the Snake Racers again. What the heck is up with him and me? He doesn't talk to me really, he just looks at me, seemingly desperately unhappy about posing for the photo.

Today it occurred to me that maybe this picture isn't about him telling me something about me. Maybe it isn't about me at all.

So I spent some time really getting connected in the hope that I would discover something about him.

This is what I got:

He is very sad - deaths in the family - more than one. His father drinks and beats his mother who, in turn takes it out on the boy. Often he hides and is frightened. He is very ashamed of this fear and works hard to cover it up with attitude. He loves his uncle and wants to be like him and live with him. His uncle is one of the Snake Dancers.

What does this all mean to me? I don't know, maybe when the Snake Racers return, I'll find out.

Amber Canyon

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