Morning Meditation - Out of Balance

I was really off my schedule today, and it wasn't morning anymore when I finally sat down to do the meditation. I opened to someone I've visited with before. A Klamath grandfather. He looked me and said, "Woman, what are you doing?"

I figured he was referring to how late I was in getting my meditation time started, so I said, "I know..." and mumbled on about how I'm tired, and goofing off this morning.

He said, "Balance - you have to get some balance!" And I thought about how many times this week I've allowed my schedule to get out of control, how I've been slacking on my self care, and getting all caught up in blogging and being on the internet til 3am. My schedule, when I stick to it, gives me a nice balance - and I feel better about myself and about life.

Then, the thought occured to me - maybe it's not really this little elder talking to me, maybe it's my own mind, feeling guilty about blowing off the things that feed me spiritually and physically.

So I cleared my mind as best I could, and started over. He said, "This is a serious business. You don't go on a vision quest and then spend your time playing with the rocks. You don't go on the warpath and then stop to play in the flowers. You are on a journey... don't get side tracked. Get your balance back - stay focused."

Ok... sounds clear enough. It's early to bed for me tonight! And back on track in the morning.

Amber Canyon

~what's this?

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