The Gift of Life


On the medicine wheel our animal representative of the east direction is the eagle. The eagle lets us rise above the situation and look at things from a greater perspective. Go outside and look up at the great expansiveness, the direction of above, the heavens, the universe. Realize that since you breath, your existence in every moment is verified and sanctified as integral to the whole of the workings of the universe.

In other words Creator has given you the gift of life because he trusts you and knows you are fulfilling a purpose. Just like Creator remains creator however you describe it, your Sacredness does not depend on your opinion of yourself. You are sacred, know it or not.You are an unlimited being of spirit that is experiencing itself within a limited form. This sometimes makes us feel like we don't belong here in this body or are limited.

Life is a cycle, a cycle is a circle and in a circle everything returns to where it began. Thus we will return to where we came from before we began to experience the form of this body. We can not be lost forever in illusion. All must be counted, no one will be lost. It was set up this way since the beginning. We have been exploring the extremes of our potential as human. This means it can get very dark at times. The ancients were very wise and foresaw the darkness we would enter. There were things put in motion that ensure our way home.

The earth herself will ensure that she will survive and those who stand on her as her children will have solid ground under their feet. We call the earth mother Ela in our way. She is our mother because our form is of hers. The atoms and matter we are composed of, we are borrowing until our work is done here. Since you are of the mother and the mother knows how to balance herself, she can balance you. Lie on the mother and ask her to balance you, give your anger and despair to her, she knows to convert it to something that gives life.

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