It occurred to me that it might be fun to ask one of the faeries to come with me on my trip to Texas. Solus volunteered. So I propped his picture on the dashboard, and pretty much talked to him all the way down and all the way back. I tried really really hard to get him to talk back to me, to show up in person, or something...

Solus -  fx

Knowledge. Consciousness. Synthesis. Spiritual empowerment.

Solus stands midway between the realm of the Singers and that of manifest reality - the realms of Faery, this world, and other realms and dimensions. The Singers dwell in a cosmos without boundaries or differentiations, but we and the faeries live in worlds where there are limitations to overcome and boundaries to identify and expand, which helps us to grow.

When we don't know what we need or who to turn to, Solus will help us, if we ask. To an Oracle group member, Solus said, "Allow the surface noise to fade. I'm here waiting."

Solus encourages us to stand on our own feet, to recognize and utilize our own wisdom, to depend on our own strength, and to acknowledge and work with our own good qualities, using them as stepping-stones to improve the less good. Yet at the same time, Solus recognizes that we cannot do everything alone, and helps us to make the connections and to have the insights that will help us to accept wisdom, energy, and assistance from other realms - especially the realms of the Singers and of the Faery.

With faith in the human spirit, Solus sees us as arrows fired from a bow, choosing our own directions and soaring into undreamed-of heights, empowered by trust and the creative life force.

Starter Reading:

Solus is radiant, energizing, vitalizing. This presence in a reading often indicates that something new is being brought into being in our lives, partly through our own efforts and partly through the help we are receiving from other realms. Miracles may take place. Movement into the light is occurring. This is a time for taking action, passing on our blessings and learning, and for service given from a position of strength.

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