Morning Meditation - Waiting for the Signal

Today, again, the book opened to "Warriors Waiting For The Signal." And I thought about how, when going on a hunt or heading out for battle, you don't just rush off willy nilly... you plan... you do your absolute best to have everything in place... and then you wait for the signal.

Jumping the gun, being impatient and over-zealous got many a young warrior into trouble. I'm sure. Exhuberant passion, I think is good - but it needs to be tempered with that still-point where you wait for the timing to be right.

So, I waited there with them. Wondering what the signal was, and if I would recognise it when it came. Finally, I thought to talk to them.

Here's what they said in reply:

"Shhh... Be still... Watch... Listen..."

Amber Canyon

~what's this?

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