Morning Meditation - She Who Is

Today my teacher was the daughter of a chief. She showed me an image, or an idea, a knowing that the earth is our mother and our strength.

As she showed it to me, I felt it. That strength that rests below our feet. And I saw that a person could move through life staying rooted and grounded in the earth. Especially if you take the time to really "do" it. When you walk, your feet seem to leave the ground, but the energy actually can and does move with you.

And it occured to me the vastness and the power of she who is our mother... She who must be obeyed. When you live, she feeds you. When you are overwhelmed, she backs you. When you die, she holds you.

My puny words cannot come even close to describing the immensity of what I felt. The love.

Amber Canyon

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