Morning Meditation - Waiting for the Sun

First page I turned to was about making an offering to the sun. And, again, I wondered if this was working up to some kind of ceremony, or ritual, or something. Wanting answers, I opened the book again, this time to a familiar face - Stand Tall Grandfather, and he said:

"I'm showing you something piece by piece,
and when the time comes,
I'll show you that too."

And so, I guess I'm not quite ready for whatever "that" is. I did, however, think about Solus, the fairy/deva who went with me to Texas. And it occured to me that it might be a good idea to post about him, and to refresh my memory and my connection there. I also wondered if maybe, since I've been pulling up all kinds of "Snake Medicine", if possibly I should take a look at Phoenix energy. I'm not sure how it's connected, but at the time I was thinking this, it made perfect sense.

It also occured to me that this is a really good lesson in just taking life one step at a time, not having to know all the answers, not having a clue as to the final outcome, just doing for today.

Amber Canyon

~what's this?

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