Morning Meditation - Dances in the Wind

Today my teachers were a group of Hopi girls. They were watching something and not interested in talking to me at all. So, I wondered what was so interesting, and read the caption under the picture, and discovered they were "Watching the Dancers."

I decided that I too would watch the dancers... the leaves dancing on the cottonwood tree. It's just outside the window of my meditation room. I had the window open, and they were making the most delightful sound.

It was great! I watched them as if I was watching "Dancing With The Stars"... with interest and enthusiasm. It was cool. I could almost see the fairies that live in that tree. They were enjoying it too.

I think tomorrow I'm going to start a series of paintings of "Dances-in-the-Wind" I'll even use some of the leaves from the tree itself. Maybe fairies will show up in them. That would be cool.

Amber Canyon

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