Morning Meditation - Snake Racing?

Well, today, I met a boy who was waiting for the return of the Snake Racers. He did not look too happy about it, and was quite shy and refused to talk. It occured to me that my "task" for today might be to research and find out what does that mean... "Snake Racer".

I found it interesting, especially since yesterday Daniel and I saw a snake at Powell Gardens, and I'm thinking that snake has got to be one of my totems. On the other hand, maybe my mind is the snake racer (and I'm only just now realizing this as I write this post several days later) because now I'm curious and thinking about Anacondas and what do they mean to South American Shamans, which reminds me that I want to do a post about Tree Ferns with lots of pictures and also poppies for Daniel and maybe even some Navajo Masks.

Yes... it would seem my mind IS the snake racer. Hmmm... So now what?

Amber Canyon

~what's this?

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