Morning Meditation - By The River

My teacher today was a young woman. She was sitting by a river, filling a container with water, and when she looked at me, she said:

"Move through your day with peace."

And I totally got it... that I could be like that river. I could just flow as fast or as slow as was natural and right in the moment. No need to strive or push. If striving and pushing is needed it will happen of it's own accord.

And it also occured to me that moving through my day with peace would be a whole lot easier if I was quietly working next to a slow moving river, on a beautiful peace-filled day. That the river itself, the sky, the trees, the grass, the birds... the fresh cool air... would bring with it a sort of grace. We lose so much being constantly inside of buildings and cars...

Amber Canyon

~what's this?

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