Arms of The Beloved


Let me stand in the Soul of the World
Let me feel all the radiant colors of Life
Let me merge with the Spirit of the Beloved
Let me hold your gaze and journey skyward

Let me immerse in Ever-after with you – Here, Now
Hold your arms out, catch the soft snow
Kisses from the sky, winter flowers from Heaven
Dance with me, let your spirit flow

I look into your eyes and find your Soul
A realm of everlasting romance, a universe of secrets
What can I say, how can I describe such beauty?
With so much life, wonder, and majesty?

What words, what language can possibly describe you?
Hold your hand over your heart, listen to the hidden music
Gentle, healing, soothing, like sweet ocean waves and violins
Do you see me whirling and dancing within?

My dear Beloved, let us bloom in this astounding place
Expand with the galaxy, unveil new Truths
Sit by me on the hilltop, here is my art
Belonging to you, flowing straight from my heart

Hold my words close, embrace them with your Love
Let them dance in your heart, let them become a mirror
And show you your blessed Lover, who walks endlessly with you
Let this Luminous Love shine like the Divine Light from above

I would pray you a good night, my mystic beauty
I would wish you the sweetest of dreams, my brilliant flower from the east
I would recite a prayer for angels to comfort you tonight
I would wish you all these things only if separation were reality

Our Love is the portal to Union
Come Here, in our Field, let us embrace the eternal moment together
Let us meet in sweet dreams, let's live those wonders
Let's rejoice in the presence of Angels
In the eternity of awakened Life

Forever, you and me,
And Allah almighty
Never alone

I Love You Habibty


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