Morning Meditation - Balance

Amber Canyon

Met with two girls carrying water, balancing big jars on their heads. I could sense that they would have much rather have been care free, running, laughing, dancing, playing with friends. They were shy, and wouldn't talk to me... not in words... I spent a fair amount of time trying to have some kind of dialogue... here's what I came up with:

It's all about balance.

If you hold yourself still and stand tall, and carry your burdens in a vertical way, they are much easier than if you "shoulder" them or "handle" them or lug them around. I couldn't imagine how they would have been able to carry those large pots full of water if they'd had to carry them the "regular" way. It's like the balance and the centeredness of carrying something on your head... well... there's something there... some metaphysical notion... that I'm not able to verbalize.

~what's this?

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