The Nalu of Sight

As you begin to focus, you may discover just how little you know about focusing. Consciously and intentionally keeping your mind on one thing for an extended period (for some people ten seconds is an extended period) is a rare skill, in which nalu is designed to train you.

It's easy to keep your attention on something exciting, interesting, habitual, or important. It's just that for most people focusing the mind is neither exciting, interesting, habitual, nor important. Well, nalu won't be exciting unless you are using it to focus on something you consider exciting; it will be interesting if you keep the positive expectation and open awareness; it won't be habitual until you establish the habit; it will be important only as long as what you are using it for is important to you

In the nalu of sight, you maintain your focus by keeping you attention on the subject and by gently bringing your attention back each time it strays. If you get verbal chatter while you are looking at something, that's okay. Just use the words to help you keep your focus. One way is by using words to describe the appearance or the qualities of the subject to yourself. That will keep your verbal part busy and helpful at the same time. Eventually, as you relax more, the words will fade away and you will just be with the subject, learning more than you realize at the mind-body level.

~Serge Kahili King, via The Prosperity Project

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