Why Chant?

  • We chant to join our voices to the voices of countless seekers, worshipers, mystics, and lovers of life, in every time and in every place, who have shared in sacred song.

  • We chant to fill our hearts and fill our homes with loving and peaceful vibrations of sound.

  • We chant because it's fun.

  • We chant to help the stress and freneticness of our busy lives melt away.

  • We chant to spread our wings and let our soul take flight.

  • We chant for the sheer joy of letting our God-given voices sing out.

  • We chant for the heartful communion that we feel with others when we come together in song.

  • We chant our prayers to God, so that our lives may be graced by more intimate Presence of the One known by so many names.

~Robert Gass

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