Morning Meditation - Feeding the Ducks

Today again I pulled up "Waiting for the Snake Racers" and again I can see that my mind is just racing around - here and there and there and here. So I sat with it for a little while and focused on the Leaf Dancers. Which was helpful.

Then I flipped to another page and found a shaman in the midst of a Duck Ceremony. And he said, "I'll pray for you." As he began to speak the words of the parayer, I let them flow over me. My mind was still racing, and so I worked on really trying to be "in the moment" with it.

Everytime I stirred or tried to ask a question, he put his hand on my heart, pushed me back and said, "Shhh. I'm praying for you."

Finally it felt complete and he seemed to be unzipping me to let the energy out.

Then I asked him what could I do, and he said, "Three days in a row feed the ducks." and I got a visual image of my pond. And when I said, "But I have no ducks," he just smiled and said "Feed the ducks."

So, I grabbed a bag of sunflower seeds and headed out to the pond. And it was so much fun! I fed the illusive invisible ducks, and it really settled me down. Then I saw a huge school of baby goldfish swimming close to the surface. That was really neat. All in all, it was a very centering, peace building experience.

Amber Canyon

~what's this?

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