Morning Meditation - Crying to the Spirits

Amber Canyon

Crying to the Spirits was the name of the photo. An amazing image full of mystery, and grief, and power. And I thought, "I'm doing that too, but in a really watered down, milk-toast kind of way.

This person - so intent - so sincere - is calling on the spirits having fasted, having dreamed, having taken it all really seriously, and now he's crying to the spirits about matters of life and death and the soul and the after-life.

I, on the other hand, come into this room with the air conditioner on, having just downed a Monster Java energy drink, and I sit in this comfortable chair, wrapped in this knitted blanket, well fed and secure, and I piddle around with small matters like my to-do list and my issues witn money and children and time.

It's so petty in comparison.

~what's this?

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