Be Kind to Mother Earth

Kindness is not just about showing respect and care for humans, but for creation and animals, as well. Caring for the environment is a way to show kindness to everyone else who lives in it. Teach your children how pollution and trash affect the environment, and find a way to protect it together as a family. Ideas include:

  • Plant a tree.
  • Make a birdhouse together as a family project, then place it in your backyard. Or make a simple bird feeder using a pine cone, peanut butter and birdseed.
  • Recycle. If your garbage pickup service doesn't include recycling bins, find a local drop-off center.
  • Be energy-efficient. Turn off lights when not in use, don't waste water, consider car-pooling to work and school.
  • Call a local animal shelter and find out what they are in need of. Then have your family help them out -- it may be simply donating a few bags of dog food, or it may be donating time in caring for the animals.
  • Set aside a time each day to play with your pet. Get your whole family involved in running around the back yard with your dog or playing with your cat. Be sure your animals are clean and healthy.
  • In the summer, notify authorities immediately if you find a pet left in a hot car.
  • Cut up plastic six-pack rings before disposing of them so that animals don't get caught in them.
  • Participate in beach cleanups.
  • "Adopt" an animal through a local zoo, aquarium or other organization.
  • Switch to a pet-safe antifreeze. Those containing propylene glycol have an appealing taste to animals; however it is fatal in very small doses (such as leaks on your driveway).
  • Clean up trash and refrain from littering. If you smoke, use your car's ashtray, not the road, to dispose of your cigarette butts.

~via the prosperity project

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