Morning Meditation - A Bear Story

Amber Canyon

So, today I talked to an old story teller. He told me the following story:

One day Bear, who was a very large bear and very hungry, went down to the river to do some fishing.

On his way, he came to a small round house in which lived a brother and a sister.

"Aha!" said the bear, "Here I have a nice big nut to crack!"

He clapped his powerful hands together and crushed the house between them. He was so forceful that the house was crushed. But with the force of the blow, the two siblings flew right out of the top of the house and landed - quite by accident - at the top of a very tall tree.

Bear was not to be deterred, he thought these two "kernels" might be tender and tasty, so he climbed up the tree.

The tree, however, was unable to bear his weight and broke in half, sending the twins flying. They landed in the river and were immediately swept downstream.

Bear shook himself and thought about what to do... there was the river full of fat big fish, there were the two "kernels" disappearing downstream. He looked at the fish swimming under the water - he looked downstream - he looked bat at the fish, right there, almost underfoot. I'll just have one or two for a snack, he thought, and next thing you know he had a full belly and was taking a nap.

The twins were very frightened, the river carried them over rocks and around bends... they had many adventures... and they never stopped running from the bear who had long since forgotten all about them.

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