Morning Meditation - Be a bowl?

Turned right to an image of open bowls. This is the second time I've gotten this image, so I'm thinking it's significant. The other time I took it to mean "be open to what you hear" and I didn't even put enough significance on it to think it merited a note... so... here it is again.

So, what does it mean, I wonder?

  • Be open and empty?
  • Go hungry for a day?
  • Are you ready to receive?
  • Make a bowl?
  • Fast?
  • Be a bowl?
  • Meditate on the image of a bowl?
  • Draw a bowl?

I'm not sure, maybe some or all of the above. Whatever it is, I'm sure if I don't "get" it today, I'll "get" it when I'm ready.

Amber Canyon

~what's this?

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